Travel Guide

Timor-Leste is packed with its own charm, from immaculate reefs, unique cultures, to splendid scenery. Timor-Leste is also home to serene beach resorts, glittering offshore islands, fantastic diving, and heart-pounding trekking in a lush forest. For more details about what to know before visiting Timor-Leste, read the information on this page.

Air Services

Enjoy Dili, Timor-Leste, with its direct flight service from Denpasar, Darwin, Kupang, etc with Aero Dili. Most nationalities can get Visa on Arrival at the airport for 30 USD, but please check it first. Please note, A visa permission form, which you can obtain at any Timor-Leste consulate or embassy worldwide, is required if you are heading to Timor-Leste by land. The cost of the ticket includes the exit tax that is due when departing. You can find out more about visas here.

Land Tour

There are daily air-conditioned minibus services connecting the capitals of Kupang and Dili via the border crossing in Batugade for anyone traveling between West Timor and Timor-Leste over land. It is a challenging 12-hour journey over stunning rolling hills and along the stunning coastline west of Dili. Prior to arriving at the land border check, all nationalities—with the exception of Portuguese and Indonesians—must obtain a Visa Application Authorization. You can submit an application in person at a Timor-Leste embassy or consulate (Denpasar +62 3 6123 5093, Kupang +62 813 3936 7558), or online at the Ministry of Immigration website (allowing around 10 working days to receive a printable authorization). Hand the document and the USD30 charge to Immigration when you arrive at the border post. For more visa information click here.


Time Difference



1,3 million


Tropical humid, 25 – 35 °C

Dry season

May – November

Wet season

December – April


Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, and English



The coverage of the mobile phone is good in the main centers, buy a SIM card and credit on arrival.


Outages can occur, so bring your own torch. Plugs vary so please carry an adapter.


Please provide your international driving license when renting a vehicle.


Package travel insurance is highly recommended to avoid unexpected situations.


Passport Validity

Check the expiration date and at least valid for six months before arrival.


Can be obtained at the airport for 30 USD.
(Tourist and Business Class).


The currency of Timor-Leste is the United States Dollar (USD)

Credit Cards

Most ATMs only accept VISA. Credit card usage is limited as well as EFPOS facilities.

Best Time of Years


Best Diving

May - November

Best Trekking

May - November

Best Fishing

November - March


Travel Agencies

It’s available in Dili for travel arrangements and international flights.


Not mandatory, but greatly recommended and appreciated.


Be polite, ask permission when entering sacred places and please wear modest clothes.


Please refrain from littering, starting fires, buying endangered species, taking coral or shells.

Fresh Water

Mind your usage of fresh water since it’s limited in some locations.